Picture your very own small room in your garden. A room which is furnished according to your taste with all the pretty and necessary things bringing you joy. Did you used to envy the Children of the Bullerbyn Village with their cosy dens?

Imagine all the relaxation and comfort of your home transferred to your garden summerhouse.

How would you use it? Would start off early in the morning with your garden catching the first morning sunlight, your family still asleep and you drinking your first cup of coffee and reading the newspapers? Or maybe later with you preparing breakfast for the family, plucking fresh flowers and arranging them in a vase? Would you maybe rather have a second cup of coffee and lose yourselves in a book? The summerhouse is a great place to work, to have a private moment or to simply enjoy a brief escape from others. Invite your clients to the summerhouse or use it as a workspace. Once the morning meeting is over, you are free to set the table for lunch, invite your friends over for a nice cup of tea or watch the rugby world cup with your neighbours – and if the party goes well, you can easily turn the seating furniture into a sleeping piece. It is also children who are sure to appreciate a night spent in the summerhouse – a promise of their first night adventures! The children can study here, draw, play a musical instrument or invite their friends over for a birthday party. If the weather is not ideal, and the wind scatters all the playing cards all around the garden, you can find shelter in the summerhouse and continue spending your time in the garden. You can spend cold evenings here, too, and stay as long as possible. Ultimately, you can use the summerhouse as a winter storage space.

The summerhouse can also serve well as a changing room after you have just been in the swimming pool. You can recover your strengths here, too. It is also a good place to practise meditation, write a novel, make a phone call or watch your favourite TV show.

What do you think? Could you fit this magical summerhouse into your garden? You will ultimately get the price of your land assessed as well.

The Scotts Summerhouses represent first-rate timber houses of various sizes and colours with the option to blend the house in with your outdoor space. The construction is made from timber, the roof is made from fibreglass or cedarwood, it is resistant to UV-radiation, it has a high-quality surface treatment with a 10- or 20-year guarantee pursuant to the material chosen. The house contains water-resistant flooring with an optional thermal insulation. You can lock it with brass or chrome door fittings. Create an original interior using a high-quality and resistant upholstery and a wide selection of patterns. It has been perfectly thought out in every detail, including the storage space and solar lighting which is made possible by a solar panel with a desk or a floor lamp socket. The summerhouse can also be placed on a rotating base to give you all-day sunshine. The summerhouse can do with a concrete or a paved base.

Thanks to the great number of colour and material options, you can create a personalised space, project your own story onto the room, and suit it to your tastes and hobbies. Put simply – you can create your own unique place.

Make your dream come true. Start spending more time in the garden from early spring to the fall. You can spend time here in the winter, too – heat up the summerhouse, light lanterns and candles, snuggle up under a blanket and drink a hot cup of tea. Being in the fresh air can make your life longer and better. Your summerhouse will provide you with an extra relaxation space in the garden.

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