XVIII Century Lion Pedestal for use with the XVIII Century Lion.

Available in a range of colours.
Robust and frost-proof Pedestal that will weather over time and last for many years.
Ideal for steps, terraces and gardens.

Please note: It is essential that your XVIII Century Lion Pedestal is sited on a firm and level area to suit site conditions and loadings. An 8 to 1 sand/cement bedding mortar should be used to ensure that the weight of the pedestal is spread evenly across the base, avoiding any pivoting or twisting strain. We cannot accept responsibility for cracking or breakage if this instruction is ignored.

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    Dimensions and weights:
    heaviest component 41 kg
    weight of pedestal 57 kg
    height of pedestal 240 mm
    length of pedestal at foot 645 mm
    width of pedestal at foot 330 mm