Friends and family are welcome in this larger stylish summerhouse.
The Sun Ray Garden Room has casement windows and lockable doors that open up on a hot summer’s day or conveniently shut up in the cooler weather The doors and windows are fitted, as standard, with brass ironmongery. contributing to the traditional look.
The Sun Ray is available in three sizes: 3.4m, 3.9m and 4.4m wide. The 3.4m building has a slate effect glass fibre roof, as standard, with a cedar shingle roof option if preferred, at an extra cost The larger 3.9m and 4.4m Sun Ray Garden Room are only offered with a cedar shingle roof.
Classic in design, the Sun Ray Garden Room has proved incredibly popular as a hobby room whether for painting, yoga or as a home gym.

Price starts from 274.590,- CZK  incl. 21% VAT

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