Designed exclusively for Haddonstone, this beautiful small solid-brass dial and gnomon features the sundial verse: “Make time, save time while time lasts. All time is no time when time is past.”

Available in two sizes:
Small (X700) – designed for use with the Baluster Sundial Plinth (D140), Doric Sundial Plinth (D150), XVIII Century Sundial Plinth (D250) and the Georgian Sundial Plinth (D260)
Large (X710) – designed for use with the Adam Sundial Plinth (D135) and Jacobean Sundial & Pedestal (D280)

Please note:
Plinths and dials are normally priced separately. Both need to be ordered.

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    Dimensions and weights
    Weight 1,1 kg
    Diameter of dial 290 mm
    Height of gnomon 125 mm