How we can help…

Are you are looking to add stylish cast stonework to your existing property, or incorporate it into a new build design?

Our experienced team can help turn your dream project into a reality.

How can we help with your design?

As our client, the outcome and success of your project really is a personal affair.

We talk often about the service and quality of the products we offer but I think what really is important from a project perspective, directly resulting in the cost management and efficiency, is how we can help your planning and design process.

We want to guarantee our support for every step of your process, to make sure that between us we get it right.

Project and design meetings

Perhaps the most important step of any project is planning ahead.  We will always recommend a pre-project or design briefing.

As well as being on hand to answer any queries you might have, the opportunity also helps us to prepare and ask important questions such as how our stone is being installed and explore your project.

We won’t always request a meeting unless there are specific complexities to overcome.  Often the pre-project discussions can be conducted over the phone.

Site measurement and technical support

When it comes to existing areas for items such as new steps, retaining walls or balustrade, in the majority of cases we will only require basic measurements and would ask that you send photographs and your own measurements to us in the first instance.

We are able to attend your site, for a small charge, where can take all the information we will need for our product drawings in one visit.

We’ll always send you drawings to check before we commence any manufacturing.  These drawings not only allow you to check the space but also help you prepare your site.

After delivery has been made, our drawings are also used by your contractors as installation schedules as they tie up exactly with the manifests supplied with each pallet.

Post Project Support

Finally, we’re aware that our stonework can last generations.

Rest assured that even when your project is complete, we’ll still be on hand for any support you may need.  It’s not unusual for properties to change hands before the new owners come to us for help or support regarding cleaning and maintenance advice or even to look at additional items to match their existing stonework.

Our Technical team will always support you with the best advise possible regardless of the age or origin of your original stonework.

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