The Butler sink is a timeless classic. It is a traditional, beautiful and practical ceramic sink. It entered today’s kitchens from English farms where a large, deep and easily accessible sink was needed. There was a time where the sink size was reduced because it was to be replaced by dishwashers. Luckily, the trend of warming ready-to-cook meals quickly passed and we are now reverting to cooking from quality ingredients. Family togetherness and treating friends to a meal is close to our nature. We can find inspiration in the life of our grandmothers who are “bio” in today’s words. They breed hens and rabbits, grow fruit and vegetables and process everything fresh in their kitchen at home. A sink in the Butler style is a great choice not only for its convenience but also for the style and elegance in the kitchen.

The Shaws of Darwen Company has kept its vision of making the highest quality hand-crafted ceramic sinks throughout England ever since its establishment in 1897. Today, 120 years later, it still enjoys worldwide recognition for the beauty and quality craftsmanship of its products. It is proud of its products proven by the time and uses the same traditional method as in the past. Each unit is signed by a craftsman who created it with love and care. Together with a certificate, this is the proof of your lifetime investment.

Shaws of Darwen builds on quality, individuality and authenticity in everything it does. The production of one ceramic sink is demanding – it takes 3-4 weeks. It is made of the local clay, which is manually processed into a mould where it is dried and then, after removal, it is hand-processed into a smooth surface. At this point in the processing, the individual units are signed by the master craftsman. This is followed by drying, which lasts for 40 hours. Then two layers of glaze are applied, the second for perfection and high resistance. The process is terminated by firing at the temperature of 1200 °C.

The names of the products are a tribute to the craftsmen and their families because they are named after the villages and communities from which they come.

You can choose from a wide range of timeless collections with refined details. The ceramic sinks are resistant to high temperatures, scratches and stains, have antibacterial surface and are thus very easy to maintain.

In this case, the lifetime warranty is not a mere marketing cliché because Shaws holds a record in using a sink in a single household since 1903!

Butler sink – a timeless classic, elegantly simple. It excels in durability and practicality. It is made in standard sizes of 600, 800 and 900 mm, but we can also find a sink 1000 mm wide.