Scotts summerhouses are all supplied in a natural, unpainted finish of Red Grandis, a sustainable hardwood. Red Grandis is a premium quality hardwood
perfectly suited for outdoor buildings as it offers a long life span and is extremely durable.

If you prefer a stained or painted summerhouse, Scots offers a range of appeaing colour finishes enabling you to customise your summerhouse to blend with your garden. The ten paint and one stain colour options are shown below.

If a paint finish is selected then all of the nail holes are filled before the timber is primed. The microporous top coat in your chosen colour, is applied in a spray finish from the Teknos Industrial range offering excellent resistance to the elements. In most cases, this gives you five to seven years of maintenance free life, depending on the location of your building.

If a stained finish is chosen, two coats ofTeknos Industrial range semi-gloss stain are applied. The stain penetrates and enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst offering a highly effective protection. Depending upon the exposure and location of the summerhouse, two coats of this stain will, generally, protect the building for five to seven years before restaining is necessary.

A tin of touch up stain or paint is supplied with all stained or painted buildings, for touching up as necessary. Paint or stain is available direct from Scotts suppriers for maintaining your building in future years.

Colours may vary, due to the printing process, samples are available on request.

Scotts supplies a selection of roof materials on the different summerhouse models and these are detailed in the table below. Many of the summerhouse models are supplied, as standard, with an exceptional moulded. composite glass fibre roof giving a maintenance free life of twenty to thirty years.These roofs provide ultimate protection against UV rays and realistically simulate slate tiles or lead. The style of the roof-varies depending on the model chosen.Aternatively, for a more natural effect, a treated cedar shingle roof can be selected, for all summerhouse models, to blend in with any garden.

The main five Scotts buildings, as shown on pages 4 – I 3, can be enhanced with a variety of optional accessories that provide a fun element as well as personalising your summerhouse to suit your needs. No other manufacturer provides such attention to detail and creativity to help you get the most from your garden building.You can choose from the following range of innovative extras, dependent on your chosen summerhouse model.


The rotating base accessory is an ingenious mechanism popularised by the Victorians and much favoured by George Bernard Shaw. It allows you to simply turn your summerhouse to face the sun or even to change the view you have of your garden.The rotating base, as shown, is easily fitted to the Balmoral. Baltimore or 2.4m Burghley octagonal buildings and, when installed, is always hidden by a timber skirting to match your chosen colour finish.


Scotts exclusively designed storage feature, with diamond leaded window, is available as an optional extra within the back panel(s).With the ever increasing need for space. these imaginative storage features not only look attractive from the exterior of the building but internally they allow for dnnks, glasses, books and even a radio to be within easy reach. They can easily be incorporated into any of the Scotts summerhouses, adding an attractive and functional finishing touch.


All summerhouses (except the Balmoral) can be internally lined, to eaves height. with a tongue and groove effect lining, in an Off White paint colour only.
This lining adds the perfect finishing touch to any building. If desired, insulation can be supplied and fitted at an additional cost.
With the lining option, the diamond leaded windows in the rear panels of the Baltimore and Burghley summerhouses will not be available. Although, if you choose the shelf feature for your summerhouse this comes complete with diamond leaded windows so you can achieve a similar effect.


Scotts offers a durable flooring option within its range of summerhouses which provides a practical and tasteful floor covering (excluding the Sun Ray Garden Room, 3.0m Newhaven and 3.6m Burghley).
This unique woven vinyl flooring gives you the natural feel and texture of sisal and seagrass, whilst pleasant and warm underfoot. And, as this floor covering is waterproof and easy to clean it offers a perfect solution for any summerhouse.


A Georgian effect, decorative leaded glass can be specified within a Scotts summerhouse instead of the standard plain glass. This traditional style of leaded glass can be chosen to blend in with period properties or just as a decorative finishing touch.


All of the Scotts summerhouses, supplied with a cedar shingle roof, can be underlined as an alternative to the plain cream fabnc lining.
The underlining. supplied in an Off White paint finish, is manufactured from 9mm extenor grade MDF which is moisture resistant.


Scotts offers double glazing and insulation for all summerhouse models (excluding the Balmoral). The double glazing is supplied with clear, low E energy saving glass. When insulation is specified, the summerhouse will be lined with the tongue and groove effect lining.
Further details and specifications for the double glazing and insulation are available from the sales team.


Add light to your summerhouse without the hassle and expense of supplying mains electrics to the bottom of the garden.
Scotts offers a solar lighting package for your summerhouse. incorporating a high efficiency solar panel, lithium battery hub, table lamp and floor lamp both with warm tone bulbs. It is the ideal solution for providing electrical power for lighting and is easy to install, requiring no special tools.


The external cladding, wall framing, roof, doors and windows are manufactured from Red Grandis, a sustainable FSCit certified hardwood.The floor is manufactured from high quality PEFCs certified European Redwood which is vacuum pressure impregnated with Osmose Naturewood, All timber is carefully selected and has a long life expectancy.


The cladding is ex 19 x 125mm machined tongue and groove boarding. All nails are galvanised.The framing size varies to structurally suit the model chosen. On the Balmoral, Baltimore and the 3.4m Garden Room it is a minimum of ex 38mm x 38mm in size. On the Newhaven, the 2.4m Burghley and the 3m Burghley it is a minimum of ex 50mm x 38mm.The framing on the 3m Newhaven, the 3.6m Burghley, the 3.9m and 4.4m Garden Room is ex 63mm x 38mm.


All floors are manufactured using ex 19mm x 125mm pressure impregnated tongue and groove floorboards. Timber joist sizes for all models are ex 50 x 38mm.


The Scotts solar lighting package is capable of delivering energy at I2v to power lights, a fan and charging for mobile and laptop devices. The kit
includes: I Ow solar panel with 2.5m connection cable; solar panel wall bracket, 1 0Ah solar-hub: table lamp and 80Im vintage bulb with 5m cable and switch: floor lamp and 350Im vintage bulb with 5m cable and switch.


The composite glass fibre roof is maintenance free and provides protection against UV rays. Scotts cedar shingle roofs only use high quality, Number 1 grade blue label, Western Red cedar shingles fitted with stainless steel nails. A timber frame, for the cedar shingle roof, is made from stress graded timber with a breathable underlay.

For specific roof options and which models they apply to, please see Optional extras.

Scotts reserves the right. to alter their specification in the interest or product .rnprovement wthout pr or notification.


The building must be erected onto a pre-prepared, level and hard standing area, preferably either concrete or smooth paving slabs – see Scotts base plans for details. Ideally, this base needs to be to a minimum depth of I 00mm. If the site is very exposed it needs metal straps incorporating into the base work to anchor it to the ground.The person who undertakes the base work will supply these.


Planning per is riot generally required unless you live in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Property and providing the building is sited at least 2 metres from your boundary. If the summerhouse is to be positioned closer to the boundary, Scotts can offer most buildings at a height of under 25 metres to comply with planning regulations. However, it is always advisable to clarify individual situations with your local planning authority. Where a planning application is required. Scotts personnel will be pleased to assist with the process by providing full scale drawings.
for your chosen model, for submission with your application.


The Scotts package (excluding the Balmoral gazebo) includes delivery and erection of their buildings onto a pre-prepared base. Scotts directly employs fully trained, expenenced and professional installers who have worked with the company for many years.The whole Scotts team takes a pride in the finished buildings they create.
Working space will be required around the building for the installers to construct the building to your satisfaction, quickly and efficiently. Scotts regrets that the installation teams are unable to carry wall panels. floors or roofs over walls and fences or through houses and garages. At the time of ordenng you will need to confirm that adequate access is available for the building to be delivered. If access is not available then Scotts can usually manufacture smaller component parts to allow for the building to be carved through a house or garage, for example.

Full details of access requirements can be obtained from the Scotts sales team and agents. All buildings are supplied with a comprehensive maintenance manual.

As a family business, established in 1920, Scotts of Thrapston places great emphasis on design, quality and service. Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority for Scotts and there will invariably be a member of the sales team willing to help you with your enquiry. Advice is always free of charge and they are happy to assist with planning, design, construction and other queries. whenever possible.The Scotts summerhouses can be seen at selected garden centres and display areas, around the UK, or at the Thrapston showsrte. A full list of showsrtes can be found on the Scotts website.


All of the Scotts summerhouses can be supplied with modular wooden seating, with storage. and a sumptuous upholstery se:.The upholstery includes comfortable padded seating and loose backrest cushions adding a touch of luxury to your garden building. As standard. Scotts supplies the summerhouse without seating or upholstery although a plain cream fabric roof lining will always be supplied (unless underlining to the mof is specified).
Where seating and upholstery are chosen, each section of seating is supplied with a high quality, deep foam block seat cushion, complete with piping. Luxurious, loose backrest cushions with hollow fibre filling are supplied in two different sizes, offering a comfortable and modern finishing touch to the summerhouse. All large backrest and seat cushion covers are mmovable for dry cleaning. Scotts offers a wide choice of fabric
styles to suit all tastes, as shown.


The modern, sectional style of seating is freestanding so that it can easily be moved and placed in different positions, as required.
This seating design offers great flexibility as well as providing a self contained storage space within each section, acting as a convenient hideaway for various garden accessories.
The seating is painted to match the chosen paint finish for your summerhouse so that it blends in perfectly.
Alternatively, if you choose an unpainted or stain finish for your summerhouse, or- the building is lined internally, then the seating is always supplied in an OffWhite paint finish.