Keep lawns, flower beds and pathways neat and tidy with our cast stone lawn edgings.

Decorative and practical lawn edging

Both practical and decorative, our range of cast stone lawn edgings are a great way to keep garden pathways and flowerbeds neat and tidy, while providing an elegant visual feature for any outdoor space. They’re also suitable for retaining soil, gravel and stones.

Available in a range of designs

From scrolled ends to roped decoration and Celtic designs, our many different styles are created for easy installation and can be used together with our edging posts. Should your project require a unique specification, we can supply bespoke lawn edging designs to meet your needs.

Our lawn edging range

Our range of lawn edgings can be used alongside trees, flower beds and driveways. Wide enough to accommodate lawn mower wheels, they’re available in both straight and curved pieces and can be combined to suit different styles of garden and lawn.

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Lawn edging inspiration

To see how our lawn edging has been used in different kinds of project, see our portfolio below.

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Whether you’re working on a private residential or large commercial project, or if you are interested in home and garden products, our friendly and expert team are happy to discuss your requirements.

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