High quality cast stone hood moulds

An external projection from a wall, hood moulds are designed to throw off rain water while acting as a visually appealing architectural feature. Suitable for both new builds and restoration work, many of our hood moulds have been designed to suit British Standard nominal brick size, and are supplied in lengths to fit any structural opening. Widths can also be extended with the addition of Q250A 700mm sections.

To suit any project or specification

Whether it’s a small scale residential project or a larger commercial development, a new build or a renovation project, our technical department can assist in supplying hood mould components to suit your needs.

We meet all quality standards

We committed to only providing the highest quality cast stone products. As a founding member of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA), we ensure our stonework meets their strict levels of technical performance and exceeds the requirements of BS 1217:2008, BS5642-2: 1983 + A1 2014 and BS EN 13198: 2003.

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Whether you’re working on a private residential or large commercial project, or if you are interested in home and garden products, our friendly and expert team are happy to discuss your requirements.

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