Cast stone columns

Our elegant cast stone columns are the perfect structural element for any entrance. Inspired by the architecture of Ancient Rome and Greece, our impressive range features Corinthian, Doric, Ionic and Tuscan styles. We also produce half columns and pillars, which can be combined with other Haddonstone architectural components.

  • Inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman architecture

  • Available in a range of standard designs

  • Different heights available

  • Can be combined with other elements

Can be reinforced for structural strength

While our columns are supplied with a hollow core as standard, they can be filled with reinforced concrete or used to sleeve a structural steel member. We also make sure our columns and pilasters are supplied in component form so as to allow for easy installation. They should be erected on suitable foundations designed by a structural engineer to suit loadings and ground conditions. For detailed installation information, please see technical sheets.

Perfectly crafted pilasters

An alternative to columns are our classical pilasters, rectangular in plan and crafted with great attention to detail. Available in a range of heights and widths, we can also create bespoke designs to suit your project’s unique specifications.

Column and pilaster inspiration

Our columns have been used to create some stunning buildings and structures in projects all around the world.

Designed to combine

Our columns and pillars can be used in conjunction with other architectural elements to create a range of designs and structures. These include porticos (porches) for a grand entranceway, pergolas which are ideal for climbing plants and separating outdoor areas, as well as other garden buildings such as temples and follies.

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