Do you feel unhappy when winter fades away too slowly and the first spring trees lose their blossoms so fast that we don’t have enough time to enjoy them? Blooming cherries last only until the first kiss in May, and lilacs scent the garden for only a week. Fortunately, thanks to floral motifs, your home can bloom all year round.

Flowers are symbols of spring, light, hope and fertility, and they remind us of the joy of life, youth and lost paradise. We offer an infinite variety of colours and patterns. We are inspired not only by local folklore, but we also bring foreign traditions to your home – Japan, China and the Orient have a long history in floral décors.

Trees, leaves and flowers represent the English traditional style of living, with emphasis on the choice of colours and the motif of the prints. These can be bold or subdued, abstract or more realistic. You can bring floral patterns to the interior of your home in the form of wallpaper or textiles. Nothing will change your interior quite like interesting wallpaper or upholstery giving the room a unique look and attracting attention. With patterns and colours, you can create magic in your home.

 Smaller rooms can be optically enlarged, low ceilings can be made to look higher using vertical patterns, and high ceilings can be made to look lower using horizontal division. The symbolism of colours is based on flowers; cooler rooms can feel warmer with warm shades and vice versa. It is important to keep in mind the purpose of each room and their orientation in relation to the cardinal directions and choose either more energetic patterns or soothing patterns accordingly. You can easily brighten up any interior and make them more cosy. The size of the pattern is also chosen according to the size of the room. Larger patterns attract attention and are suitable for larger rooms. Also consider the location of the wallpaper and the number of wallpapered walls. With bold patterns, it is advisable to wallpaper the walls behind a sofa or behind a bed. Delicate patterns, on the other hand, make other elements of the interior stand out, creating a neutral background, and adding elegance and timelessness.

In the past, the main purpose of wallpaper was thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to the English, factory-produced wallpaper rolls appeared in 1830, production became cheaper and wallpaper became affordable to everyone. We now have available a large selection of wallpapers and their surface finishes are so advanced that, for example, thanks to patented waterproof surfaces, they can also be used in showers. We find inspiration in English interiors with a popular combination of wood panelling up to the height of the bathtub with the addition of wallpaper to the ceiling. The technology has advanced and nowadays, in addition to classic paper, textile, vlies and vinyl, we also have digital wallpapers that allow us to obtain any scale or cutout. Wallpaper can also be installed on the ceiling. A distinctive wallpaper can also replace a painting. And since we are mindful of the environment and eco-friendliness, eco-wallpapers are becoming more and more popular.

When choosing wallpaper, follow your taste, choose only what you like and what you enjoy – remember that you may not be replacing it for many years.

Textile accessories such as pillows, curtains, tablecloths, place mats, blankets, bed linen, towels and much more, including napkins, can be replaced more often than wallpaper, carpet or upholstery, so we can easily create the desired atmosphere at home according to our mood. For winter, we choose subdued, warmer tones that keep us feeling warm, and we choose Christmas décor according to our feelings – some people prefer classics and memories of childhood, while others follow the latest trends. In spring and summer, we can cheer ourselves up with the help of radiant accessories. We all have many options – the less bold of us may choose monochrome shades and the bolder ones bright colours.

We are not limited to only enjoying spring outside, we can have a touch of nature in every corner of our homes thanks to floral motifs all year round!