Console table

Console tables were first introduced in France in the 17th Century, as a rectangular top attached to the wall. Today form is as an elongated narrow table, usually in a rectangular or semicircular shape.

The console table’s primarily intent is to be decorative. Usually, due to its shape, it is placed against the wall in elongated rooms such as entrance halls and corridors. There, it fulfils the perfect function of a storage table for anything from a purse, keys and mail to an array of small items. You can also use it in the living room, for instance, as a bar, or place it behind a sofa – but you have to pay attention to its height. It should not be taller than the couch itself. In the dining room, it functions well as a serving table.

Our Anglesey console tables

All our furniture, including our console tables, are handmade from solid oak using traditional methods. It is hand-treated with oil or painted with the paint of your choice. The table can be supplemented with a lower shelf, which offers additional storage space. We can make you a console table with drawers for all your smaller items.
The Anglesey collection is inspired by a classic British style. We wanted to create a unique collection from quality oak with an antique touch. The individual products complement each other with their elaborate detailing.

How to decorate a console table?

The console table is the perfect place for all your favourite items that make your home cozy. You can change the decorations on the console table over time based on the seasons, holidays and other events during the year.
Choose a larger, statement piece mirror or your favourite framed piece of art that you can hang or place over the console table. Add a table lamp, which will create pleasant lighting in the room. The console table is also an ideal place to display fresh-cut flowers in a vase. You can add various bowls and decorative storage accessories for keeping all your small items safe. All that remains are your favourite keepsakes, such as photographs, figurines and miniatures, candles, candlesticks, books and magazines.